Repository of bulk-rock major and trace element compositions of Etna (1995-2012)

Science is steadily moving towards open access to databases. Following this trend, a repository has been developed in the framework of EPOS-IP and EUROVOLC projects which contains about 200 analyses of bulk rock compositions (major and trace elements) of Mt. Etna products erupted from 1995 to 2012. Moreover, following the standard format adopted by the EPOS community, a machine readable version of the repository is already present into the coming soon EPOS Data Portal.

The analyses are accompanied by information on the type of sample analysed, the date of eruption, the type of volcanic activity, the summit crater and/or eruptive fissure that produced the sample, as well as a link to the scientific paper where analyses are published.  Furthermore, a search engine (time interval selection) is available, and graph tools allow to create element vs. element or time vs. element graphs. Data can be exported in .csv format.

The new repository is available at: 

Please contact Rosa Anna Corsaro at INGV for further details.