Description of work

Networking volcano geophysical and geochemical observations of sub-surface processes {NA3.1} from unrepresented volcanic areas. Definitions of data and metadata standards according to those of EPOS and preparation of data to be made accessible through the EPOS e -services. Candidate data types include seismic, geodetic, magnetic, electrical, direct observational data, photos videos and rock sample sets, geochemical, petrological, and experimental as well as GPS geodesy and levelling, in relation to unrest and eruptions.

Workshop on multidisciplinary collaboration and integration {NA3.2}. A workshop focussed on challenging experiences in volcano observatories, will focus on forensic examination of the moments when VO data does not fit well into an interpretative framework, and analysis of the lessons that can be learned from this for all VOs and associated researchers.

Initiating access to multidisciplinary observations from the Krafla Volcano Laboratory {NA3.3} inside the Krafla caldera, where geothermal power production has been in operation over three decades involving drilling of numerous research and production boreholes and prospecting research. This unique facility, where magma has been penetrated in boreholes at shallow level will be opened up to scientific studies by making data (seismic geodetic, gas and borehole data) from the caldera available through the e-infrastructure of EPOS, wherever possible. Collaboration will be initiated with the industrial partner owning and operating the power production, with the ICDP and the Krafla Magma Drilling Project (KDMP), which is planning to attempt drilling into magma at shallow levels in the caldera.