Description of work

Networking atmospheric gas and aerosol observations {NA2.1}. Definitions of data, products and metadata standards coordinated with GVM/GVP and preparation of data to be made accessible to users, whenever possible through the EPOS e-services. It will be a complete, official data base and test bed that can be used for benchmarking of new numerical models, like gas plume and dispersal models, and for comparison of model results. The final product will represent a step up from previous initiatives as, for example, the one done by the IAVCEI Commission on Tephra Hazard Modelling ( 

Consolidation of geochemical gas monitoring across VOs {NA2.2}. The geochemical gas monitoring strategies adopted by VO’s are by necessity highly diverse, as volcanoes demonstrate a wide range of gas emission fluxes. The purpose of this NA is to identify best-practice in geochemical gas monitoring using the combined expertise from VO and research institute scientists, in order to optimise the capacity of each VO to produce the best quality data.

Connecting the volcanological community with Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres (VAACs) {NA2.3}. A workshop to establish formal contact and coordinate the communication and possible protocols between volcano observatories and VAACs and ICAO.