EUROVOLC Transnational and Virtual Accesses aim to offer an unpreceded wide portfolio of access managed by worldwide, top-level research teams to the volcanological community. EUROVOLC organizes the access to the EU volcanoes in Italy, Iceland, French overseas territories, and Portugal. The strategic interchange of EUROVOLC with EPOS will allow the project community to access the EPOS-IP Volcano Observatory Thematic Core Service (VO-TCS) benefiting of the service resources; though at the same time will enrich VO-TCS with the new data and products coming from EUROVOLC outcomes. EUROVOLC accesses will offer the opportunity to investigate natural phenomena from field observations to interpretation of processes, and their modelling and stochastic prediction. Hence the foreseen TAs and VAs cover more than one of the transversal themes proposed by EUROVOLC.

Access to the Icelandic Volcano Observatory (IVO). (Themes 2-4) Access provided for scientist to carry out volcanological field experiments at Icelandic volcanoes. Iceland is located on the Mid-Atlantic ridge and has over 30 active volcanoes with a great range of volcanic and eruptive styles.

Access to the Italian Volcano Observatories and Research Institutions. (Themes 2-4) Access provided to 3 Italian to Italian volcano observatories, Etna Volcano Observatory – OE, INGV Palermo branch – PA, Vesuvius Observatory – OV.

Access to Azores Volcano Observatory. (Themes 2-4) Access to the Research Infrastructure is provided for fieldwork and experiments.

Access to Guadeloupe, Martinique and Piton del la Furnaise Volcano Observatories. (Themes 2-4) Access provided for scientist to carry out volcanological field experiments at the volcanoes.

Physical access to on-site modelling resources. (Themes 2-4) Open access is provided to some of the most sophisticated computational resources worldwide, for a number of selected scientists of any provenance who wish to apply such complex resources for their scientific objectives.

Access to EPOS VO-TCS. The VO-TCS (Volcano Observations Thematic Core Service) which is going to be implemented in the EPOS-IP project. It will be the gateway to provide access to the EPOS data and data products, as well as to those produced during the EUROVOLC project.

Virtual access to hazard assessment tools. (Theme 4) The aim of this activity is to assist scientist in the use of the e-tools for volcanic hazard assessment and risk management developed under the framework of the European project VeTools (EC ECHO Grant SI2.695524). We propose a remote support to the user on the mentioned tools regarding: (i) assistance in the selection and preparation of the input data required to perform spatial and temporal long-term volcanic hazard assessment, (ii) potential problems when setting-up and running of the tools, and (iii) doubts that may arise once obtained the results and interpreting them.

Access to the Volcano Dynamics Computational Centre. (Themes 2-4) Providing access to supporting models of magma dynamics, lava flows and volcanic plumes; the VAMod allow modelling magma ascents, pyroclastic flows and CO2 solubility in magma.