Final meeting in Reykjavík and on ZOOM, November 2021

The final meeting of EUROVOLC was held at Center Hotels Plaza in Reykjavík and on ZOOM, 16th-18th of November 2021. The first two days were dedicated to presentations whilst on the last day (18th Nov), a field trip to the eruption site at Fagradalsfjall was arranged. 
The structure of the final meeting was different than at past meeting. More focus was now on the 4 themes of the project: Community building,  Volcano-atmospheric interaction, Sub-surface processes and Volcanic crisis preparedness and risk management. In this sense, Work package leaders prepared a coordinated presentation within each theme, rather than a standalone Work package presentation. 
In addition to the standard presentations from themes, presentations on the current status of the activities on Reykjanes peninsula, Etna, Vulcano and La Palma were given along with a valuable input from IAVCEI’s president, Dr. Patrick Allard on the future of the volcanological community. 
The group attended a joint dinner at Jörgensen Kitchen and bar on the last day of sessions and the meeting ended with a field trip to the eruption site on Reykjanes, with the guidance of Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Ármann Höskuldsson, Sara Barsotti and Björn Oddsson.