Exploitation of tools for hazard assessment and risk management

This work package will mainly focus on:

  • Surveying the existing tools for quantitative volcanic hazard assessment, and applying the most suitable ones to test volcanoes; 
  • Raising awareness and involvement of society on volcanic hazards by developing a web-service for collecting citizens’ data on the impact of volcanic eruptions, especially during trans-boundary events; 
  • Evaluating the lessons learned  during volcanic crisis exercises with decision-makers, to increase preparedness and response towards volcanic crisis.
WP progress and accomplishments:

We have surveyed the existing tools for volcanic hazard, and created an online searchable catalogue at We have applied some to these tools to evaluate hazard at La Soufrière de Guadaloupe (France) for ballistic impacts, Bárðarbunga (Iceland) for tephra fallout and San Miguel (El Salvador) for eruption forecasting.

We will release a EUROVOLC tool for citizen science, a web-service that collects and visualizes observations of volcanic manifestations; the web service is also designed to fetch and visualize observations collected from other existing tools in Europe for citizen science in volcanology.

We are assembling answers to questionnaires to collect the experience of EUROVOLC partners in volcanic crisis drills.

  • Creation of the searchable online catalogue.
  • Application of hazard tools to test volcanoes.
  • Release of the EUROVOLC citizen science tool. 
WP leader: Dr. Laura Sandri, researcher at INGV.