A version 1.0 of European Catalogue of Volcanoes and Volcanic Areas (ECV) and related volcanic hazards, and guidelines for a European Volcano Monitoring Status system

This work package will create the first European Catalogue of Volcanoes and volcanic areas (ECV) by using information and material provided directly by the Volcano Observatories. All active volcanoes in Europe and over-seas territories will be visualized on an interactive web-page where a selected list of volcanoes will be fully described. The geological background, eruption history, volcanic hazards and possible eruptive scenarios are described for 48 volcanoes and volcanic areas. Pictures, Event Trees and extra material accompany the text. Eruption source parameters will be available through a dedicated query interface so that the users will find a quantitative description of past eruptions. All texts will be available in English as well as in the native language.

In addition to the ECV, WP11 aims at identifying standard requirements for designing a monitoring network (including seismic, deformation and geochemical stations/sensors). The work will proceed by comparing existing methodologies currently in place at different Volcano Observatories and will try to draw a guideline and criteria to be shared at European level.

WP progress and accomplishments:

The European Catalogue of Volcanoes and volcanic areas is in place and and on-line. The level of completeness (in terms of amount of material collected) is currently about 85%. Regular updates and internal review are performed to guarantee and keep track of the progresses. 


For the first time, Volcano Observatories in Europe and over-seas territories share a common way to disseminate information regarding volcanoes and volcanic hazards. This is done by using a standardized and formatted way to describe the volcano and by using a unique interface. The translation of the text in the native language will allow a larger audience and a wider use of the resources made available through the Catalogue.
The European Catalogue of Volcanoes is now on-line at 
http://volcanos.eurovolc.eu/ and a clickable logo is at the bottom right side on this page.

WP leader: Dr. Sara Barsotti, coordinator of volcanic hazard monitoring and leader of Icelandic State Volcano Observatory.